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Friday, May 28, 2010

How Do You Even Catch Up When You've Been Gone This Long???

Well hello. I guess I should reintroduce myself... Hi! I'm Mrs. Taylor of Team Taylor! Remember me??? I won't blame you if you don't! It's only been AN ETERNITY since I posted last. :o)

I am sure you can all guess that I HAD A BABY since we last met! I didn't just remain pregnant... however, many thought I was going to be pregnant FOREVER! I carried that sweet babe 42 weeks and one day! BUT, with that being said... I was never miserable and LOVED being pregnant. I was SO anxious to meet my sweet Taylor babe by then though!

Before I introduce our babe...

I'm going PRIVATE!!!

I was getting some comments that were kinda strange... so I'd rather know who is reading this before I post pics of our sweet babe.

So, if you'd like to follow... please email me at:
mrst2be at hotmail dot com

I'd love for you to continue to follow and to introduce you to Baby T!