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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weekend Plans!

I am very excited about this weekend and am sooooo ready for it to be here!

Tomorrow I have a long ass meeting to sit in ALLL MORNING (not so fun).... and when that's over I have a pediatrics exam (that I need to be studying for right now).

THEN... I get to come home, pick up the pup and my things and hit the road! I'll be headed to Oklahoma again this weekend. I should make it there in time to catch the OU vs. Syracuse game with the hubs.. and probably Ashley too!

Saturday is the The Trimble's Bachelor/Bachelorette party and I am OH.SO.EXCITED! It should be tons o fun! My older brother will be making an appearance at the bachelor party and I think hubs and Trimble are both pretty excited about that!

Sunday... well I am sure it's going to be a rough day of recovery, but it should totally be worth it! Hopefully I'll get to spend a little time with my brother before we all have to hit the road to head back to real life.

HUBS WILL BE COMING BACK WITH ME ON SUNDAY!!! YAY YAY YAY! His boss wants him down in Dallas for the next week (maybe TWO) to do some more training at the facility here! There will be NO COMPLAINTS about that from me (or Miss Daisy)! :o) We miss him soooo sooo much when he's away!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend! I should be back with pics and a fun recap on Monday!

P.S: I'm giving up on the 'Thinks I Loved in February' post.... I'll just have to do a 'Things I Loved in February/March' post when this month is over!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

Once upon a time... long long ago... some lovely bloggy friends gave me some awards! Many appologies for not posting them sooner, but I have been the biggest blog slacker EVER lately... and for that I am sorry as well!

Thank you sooo sooo sooo much for my awards Polka Dotted Owl & Pocket Full of Pink!!!

For the Kreativ Blogger Award I am to list 7 things I love!

1. My Hubby

2. Miss Daisy

3. Chiropractic

4. My Family

5. Sunshine

6. P90X

7. My Friends

And I tag... anyone who is reading this because I love you all! :o)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let the games begin!

March Madness has arrived! and my oh so lovely SOONERS are in the running!

Hubs and I (and The Trimbles) have all filled out brackets. I'm not sure if Chris and Ashley are holding bets, but hubs and I are. I think it's going to be fun! Maybe we can get some couples bets brewing while I am in Norman this weekend!

Winner gets dinner at their restaurant of choice and a massage. Nothing huge, but FUN! There are a few select places that I love to eat that hubs isn't crazy about and vice versa so we never go to those places... so this gives us a chance fair and square to be taken to one of them... and who doesn't love a massage?!?!

I have Louisville and Oklahoma going to the championship... and OKLAHOMA going all the way... of course! :o) Come on Griffin brothers!!! Strut your stuff!

and I'm routing for A&M tonight.... I have them winning! You Aggies better make me proud! :o)

Have a great day! and BOOMER SOONER! :o)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Holy frijoles....

I started this workout program yesterday and HOLY CRAP it will kick your (or mine, or anyone's for that matter) behind! I've only done two days of it, but I am IMPRESSED! I'm gonna have a rockin hott bod after 90 days of this! It's tough, but it's fun! I may have been close to puking towards the end of today's plyometrics workout, but dang I feel good now! I'm excited for what tomorrow's workout will bring! I may post before and after pics when I'm done... we'll see if I can get over the embarassment of the rolliness that is my stomach right now.

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Hello hello friends!

I have FINALLY resurfaced from the masses of notebooks, books, school exams, and board exams!!!!

So... I'll try and start with a recap of what's been going on since I've been MIA.

Two weeks ago I had an exam at school EVERY SINGLE DAY... and two on two of those days. They all went well... I rocked 'em.

One week ago, I had board reviews from 8-5 EVERY SINGLE DAY. Those went as well as sitting in a classroom for 8 hours at a time taking notes like a mad woman can go. It's a BEATING.

This past week, I studied alllllll day evveerrrrrry day in attempt to prepare myself for boards.
I took my Physiotherapy board exam on Friday. Hubs came home Friday night... yay yay yay! It was so good to see his face! We hung out at the house and I studied pretty much all day Saturday. Sunday had an EARLY start with my Part III board exam starting at 7am. Overall, I feel like boards went well, but it's hard to tell on those exams. I blew Part I and II outta the water, so let's hope I did it again! I'll get my scores on April 24th! I wish we didn't have to wait so long!

Anyway.... Hubs was already back on his way to OK by the time I got out of boards... sad. However, it's tradition that all my classmates and I go out and party it up after boards regardless of how freakin' early we have to be at class on Monday morning. SO.. we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate and had some drinks, then the girls and I went and got pedis. Then we went to Champps and hung out for a bit. Then we went to a friends' house and hot tubbed for a while. Needless to say... I DID NOT make it to class at 7 yesterday, but I think my day of playing hookie was well deserved.

So that brings me up to present!

Glad to be back!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's a Date

I'll be back Sunday or Monday... PROMISE!

I have my PT Board Exam tomorrow.
Then Part III National Board Exam on Sunday.

Sooooo PRAY FOR ME, WISH ME LUCK, CROSS YOUR FINGERS that I kick these exams' behinds!


Now if I can just sqeeze a little more studying out of my tired little brain before the morning.....

Until next time... :o)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blogger Blues

Hey Y'all!!! Sorry I am so MIA... I am just too dang busy to post right now.... and am up to nothing exciting. Board Reviews from 8-5 ALLLL WEEEKKKK. Next week I'll be studying like a mad woman for my Part 3 and PT board exam. I'll come back around as soon as possible!

I need to do my "Things I Loved in February!" So hang tight. I'll resurface soon enough.

Until next time.... PRAY FOR ME... that I don't pull my hair out, forget to eat, forget to sleep, pass my boards, and not miss hubs too much when he's away!

Much Love!