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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Hello hello friends!

I have FINALLY resurfaced from the masses of notebooks, books, school exams, and board exams!!!!

So... I'll try and start with a recap of what's been going on since I've been MIA.

Two weeks ago I had an exam at school EVERY SINGLE DAY... and two on two of those days. They all went well... I rocked 'em.

One week ago, I had board reviews from 8-5 EVERY SINGLE DAY. Those went as well as sitting in a classroom for 8 hours at a time taking notes like a mad woman can go. It's a BEATING.

This past week, I studied alllllll day evveerrrrrry day in attempt to prepare myself for boards.
I took my Physiotherapy board exam on Friday. Hubs came home Friday night... yay yay yay! It was so good to see his face! We hung out at the house and I studied pretty much all day Saturday. Sunday had an EARLY start with my Part III board exam starting at 7am. Overall, I feel like boards went well, but it's hard to tell on those exams. I blew Part I and II outta the water, so let's hope I did it again! I'll get my scores on April 24th! I wish we didn't have to wait so long!

Anyway.... Hubs was already back on his way to OK by the time I got out of boards... sad. However, it's tradition that all my classmates and I go out and party it up after boards regardless of how freakin' early we have to be at class on Monday morning. SO.. we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate and had some drinks, then the girls and I went and got pedis. Then we went to Champps and hung out for a bit. Then we went to a friends' house and hot tubbed for a while. Needless to say... I DID NOT make it to class at 7 yesterday, but I think my day of playing hookie was well deserved.

So that brings me up to present!

Glad to be back!

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