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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wiping off the dust....

So... I've fallen off the blogging train BIG TIME. And I am sure that is blatantly obvious to any of you readers out there. I was getting some strange comments in languages that I don't know how to read so I went private. Well that diminished my readers tremendously... so here I am again. Public. I need this blog as an outlet. I need it to document this time in my life.

I will have to do some major recapping of the last... oh... almost YEAR... of my life. It's been a doozie! An exciting, stressful, fun, life changing, mind boggling, enlightening, enriching, indescribable, difficult dooze of a year.

We've been raising the most handsome, perfect, sweetest, most entertaining, and smart little man I ever did know.

We've opened a business from scratch and are learning as I type how difficult it can be.

Basically, we've had the highest of highs and the near lowest of lows all within a year's time.

I am back in the blogging game now. I want to document my struggles and joys of being a wife, mother, doctor, business owner, friend, and daughter.   It's definitely an art... that I am yet to perfect... and I probably never will perfect. But you all can follow me on my journey on trying to learn how!

It's also apparent to me that I need to do something with my blog layout.... that will come later.


  1. Welcome back! I'm glad you are still in my reader so I can catch up.

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