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Sunday, April 12, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful and very blessed Easter!

Hubs and I were able to attend the morning service at our church in OKC that we miss oh so dearly and it was WONDERFUL to be back. I simply cannot wait to move back to the OKC area so we can attend there EVERY Sunday morning. I just love it soo much. After church hubs and I stopped by Sara Sara Cupcakes and picked up a dozen yummy cupcakes for dessert after Easter lunch. Ashley's mom was nice enough to cook Easter lunch for all of us and it was delicious!

I had to pack up and get back on the road not long after lunch :o(

Now, I'm back in Dallas and about to start studying for my LAST.FINAL.EXAMS.EVER!!!!!

I just got Twilight in the mail from Netflix... so maybe I will study/watch that and then crash early.... aka: not study while trying to watch Twilight, but really falling asleep 20 minutes into it. We'll see how it works out! :o)
Happy Easter & God Bless you all! :o)

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