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Thursday, April 16, 2009

So long crud!

I've had the crud the past couple of days. And by crud I mean... runny nose and when it's not runny it's all stuffed up, sore throat first that developed into a cough, and the lack of oxygen to my brain (because of the inability to breath through my nose) has been given me headaches... put all that together and you've got a very groggy, cranky, sickly me! It's RARE that I ever get sick. Well, if you ever need to kick crud's butt... here's the magic combo!




No more crud and feeling fab again!

No lie... I took 3 congaplex, 1 echinacea, and 1000mg Vit C last night and this morning and I'm a new woman! (oh yeah... LOTS of water too!) Thank goodness! Don't want to be coughing up phlegm in the middle of The Trimble wedding this weekend!

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