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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goodbye Summer... Hello Fall!!!

Fall Is Here!

So even though I love love love the sunshine of summer... Fall brings a lot of my favorite things!
And we woke up to fall this morning! It's 30 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday!

Things I love love love about fall:
One of my fave meals ever.... Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.
Football! Both SOONER football and the hub's fave Detroit Lions.
Sweatpants and hoodies!
Pumpkin everything! - lattes (although these are way limited this fall since I'm preggers), pie, cookies, ice creams, candles, cheesecake, I love it all!
Breaking out the crock pot.
The changing of color of the leaves.
State fairs... which means fair food... which is sooo BAD but sooo GOOD!

and I'm sure that I am going to LOVE the cooler weather the bigger I get! :o)

Welcome Fall!


  1. Am I the only person in the blogosphere who doesn't love football?

  2. PSLs and Gator football are among my very favorite things about Fall!