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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh Holy Heavenly Goodness!

Today I tasted one of these heavenly beauties. A cupcake from Cold Stone Creamery. I got the Cake Batter Delux ones.
Hands down one of THE MOST DELCIOUS things I have EVER tasted!
I died and went to heaven for a little while today.
The one bad thing about them.... they only come in a 6 pack! So guess who is probably going to eat one of these sinfully delicious sweet treats for the next 5 days??? Yeah, that's probably me. Unless I give a few to someone... which um YEAH RIGHT! They are just too good to share! I suppose the hubby can have one if he asks reeaaaaal nice.
Sorry Baby Taylor for the sugar rush. This is BY FAR the worst thing I've eaten since you've been living there in my tummy! I promise to be good when they are gone!

So... all of you bloggies... MUST GO TRY THESE! You'll thank me and curse me all at the same time! :o)


  1. Great now I'm craving one haha!! Good thing a cold stone is about 20min away and I don't feel like getting out....maybe this weekend for a yummy treat!!