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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's the MOST Wonderful Tiiiiime of the Yeeeeaar!

(aside from Christmas, of course)

College Football Season! even more so.... SOONER football season!

Something you'll learn about the Taylor household is that there are FIVE seasons at our house.... winter, spring, summer, fall, and FOOTBALL! :o)

Despite our oober crappy start to the season... I am still soooo excited that it's here!

Our starting quarterback, the adorable Sammy Bradford, was injured during the first game with a acromioclavicular joint sprain. (aka: AC joint sprain, or shoulder sprain to really break it down). BUMMER!

We ended up losing the game to BYU by one point. Sad day. Oh well... better to lose and get silly mistakes (a false start penalty on 3 plays straight for the first 3 plays of the game) early in the season than late in the season.

Hopefully the team comes together and pulls off a beautiful remainder of the season and hopefully Mr. Sammy gets well soon!

So the point of these ramblings??? oh nothing really... just that: I LOVE SOONER FOOTBALL! :o)

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