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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All You Need is LOVE!

Pocket Full of Pink has this adorable "scrap" on her page and consisdered anyone who read it "tagged!!" So consider me tagged! Here's how it goes.

If you are reading this...please consider yourself TAGGED!!! This little "scrap" is all about sharing your love story! I don't want to leave anyone out, so if you stumble upon this post and are reading this - YOU are tagged. Are you married? Engaged? How did your honey propose? Dating? How did you two meet? Post pictures! Give all the details! Please let me know after you post so I can be sure to read it! Oh, and if you hate Valentine's Day, feel free to just vent about it!

WARNING... THIS COULD BE LOOOONG! BUT FUN... so hang in there! :o)

We will start from the VERY beginning. It was August 1997 and I was 15... starting the 10th grade, which, at the time in Oklahoma was the first year of high school. I was on the Varsity Pom Squad (which I guess some people...aka the hubs... thought was a big deal for a 10th grader). All of the girls on the squad had to participate in "registration" a few weeks before school where we got our schedules for the semester and our locker numbers and everything. Well, while at registration I see this "FINE" (I think that's the word we used then... lol) guy walk by. Like THE BEST LOOKIN' GUY I HAD EVER SEEN kind of guy. So I spend the next few weeks OBSESSING over the fact that this incredibly hot guy is going to go to school with me. Well, a few weeks later on the first day of school I sit down in my honors biology class and in walks extremely hot take my breath away guy. I am secretly flipping out inside wondering how I could be so lucky to have this hot piece of work sitting across from me! Well at the end of class he comes up to me and introduces himself.... sitcks out his hand...

Hubs: "Hi, I'm D."

Me: .......silence... blushing.... heart palpatations..... "OH.... Hi, I'm Em."

We proceed to walk out of class together and hubs says

Hubs: "Hey are you going to the Aloha Dance?" (the Aloha dance is the beginning of the year luau themed dance at the school)

Me: "Yes.... I have to."

Hubs: "You have to??? Why?"

Me: "Well all the pom girls have to go to help at the concession stand."

Hubs: .......... silence....... "What??? You are on the pom squad??? Like VARSITY pom squad???"

Me: "Yes, I am."

Hubs: .......silence.... "OH.... ok... well I hope to see you there."

Me: "Of course... I'll be there! Bye."

Then we part ways and go to our next classes.
{apparently hubs thought it was a big stinkin deal that I was a pom girl and thought I was going to be WAY out of his league... little did he know I was smitten before he ever introduced himself}

Fast forward two weeks to the Aloha dance. We see eachother right when he gets there. We say HI and that's about it since I am serving at the concession stand. When my "shift" was over, I joined the crowd and danced with my friends. Hubs pulls me aside and says "Make sure you save a dance for me."
Well every time a slow song came one he was just a little too late to get to me and I would already be dancing with someone else. Well FINALLY the DJ announces the last slow slong of the night and sure enough... hubs was right by my side before the announcement was over.
We danced... I was on Cloud 9 and at the end... he gave me a little peck! I thought I was going. to. die. So he asks if he can have my phone number. I tell him I don't have a pen and paper, but I have my own line at home so just look in the phone book under "Dad's Name" and call the children's line. He called later that night and we talked for HOURS.
Our first "official" date... the date we consider "the beginning" was at a Clay Walker concert on August 23, 1997.

----FIVE YEARS OF DATING GOES BY------ (the rest of high school, one year of him still living in our home town going to a smaller college while I am away at OU in the dorms, and some years of us both going to OU and living together)

The long awaited proposal!!!!
Hubs and I planned a trip to Acapulco, Mexico for Spring Break. We were there for five days. Sooo.. we get there and hubs acts totally disappointed at the quality of the hotel. It was supposedly "four stars" but we are thinking Mexican stars and American stars are of different value. I tell him to chill because it's basically just a place to crash and sleep off our spring break drunkeness. We end up going on a tour of the city and tour this AMAZING resort. Hubs decides that we MUST stay there the last night/day. I say whatever and just go with it. Soooo.... we get there the morning of our last day and check out our room and what not. Hubs calls and makes dinner reservations... Italian... my fave. I tell him I want to spend the day lounging at the pool/beach... so we do. Side bar.... we I had had PLENTY to drink the night before and my memory of the night may not have been the best.... oh the college days. SO anyway... we hung out at the pool all day and hubs was acting really strange the whole day. I ask him if he was mad at me... if I had done something stupid the night before... if he had consumed some of the water and was feeling sick.... he said no to all of the above. We got cleaned up and went to dinner where he literally just picked around in his food all night. I am convinced he is pissed or sick, but he swore otherwise. He told me he had a "late vday gift" for me... which was odd because we aren't big vday celebrators... but hey I was getting a gift so I went with it. I open it at the dinner table. It was this cute little jewelry box with a pic of us in the top and engraved "I Love You, Always and Forever." SO OF COURSE I am thinking.... "HOLY CRAP there is an engagement ring in this jewelry box!!!!" So I brace myself and open the box.... NOTHING!!!!!!!!! WTF?!?! I tried so hard to hide my disappointment and thanked him. We get the tab and I go to the bathroom (this is an important part of the story). I come back and hubs suggests that we go walk around the resort and check out the ocean. So... we walk. All of the sudden...

Hubs: "Hey, I wanna talk to you about something... come this way."

---he walks me up the hill to this beautiful lit up fountain and sets me down on the edge of it---
Me: flipping out... thinking... oh great... so he is pissed... I did something stupid last night... I'm going to get dumped on the last day of vacation.. great great great.

---next thing I know he is beginning to kneal down---

Me: thinking... oh crap oh crap... he is either getting down on my level to really give me a lashing or he is about to propose but I know damn well there is NOT A RING in that box... I looked... TWICE.

Well then he gives the most amazing, romantic, sweet, bring you to tears, melt your heart schpeal. and...

Hubs: "Em, Will You Marry Me?" ----opens jewelry box and low and behold there is a dazzling diamond ring---- he had the box rigged to where the ring was hidden under the lining and he switched it around when I went to the bathroom... told you it was important. :o)


He puts the ring on my finger, we hug, he picks me up to spin me around....

Me: "Wait wait wait.... put me down..."

Hubs: "What?"

Me: "Did you ask my dad?"

Hubs: "Yes...... and your mom..... and BOTH of your brothers... I think I'm covered."


Then we got married on June 5, 2004 and it was marvelous!

I love him, I love him, I love him.

And... about VDay... I don't despise it. I never had a scarring experience to make me bitter about it. I just don't like it. I think it's lame. I would MUCH rather hubs be sweet and give me flowers or gifts on a random day when it's not expected.... not when every sign, store, commercial is telling him to do it.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I died at the part where he got on one knee and you actually didn't know if he was going to break up with you! You two have been together for a while, that's amazing! I feel like I know you both so much now! Thank you for posting all about it! Oh, and "fine" was DEFINITELY the word we used back then too. So funny!

  2. This is the sweetest story - ya'll are adorable! I'm gonna post mine one of these days if I ever get WELL!!

  3. oh my goodness...I LOVE LOVE this story! How sweet and funny at the same time!

    Thank you for following my blog...I hope I wont let ya down..but I'm new so bear with me til I get the hang of it! But either way I'll be sure to give you a giggle here and there ha!