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Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

Hello friends! I hope everyone's weekend was fabulous!

Friday night was a good time. We hung out with my bro and sis in law at their house. We had dinner, drinks, and played Rock Band.
The Sweet Tea vodka was AMAZING! I am IN LOVE! I made the Daily Palmers mentioned in my previous post. I will probably try the Firefly Sweet Teas this weekend to celebrate getting through this hell week! (6 exams in 5 days... SUCK). Anywho... I HIGHLY recommend the sweet tea vodka for all you sweet tea lovers out there. It's awesome!

Saturday day my sis in law, her mom, and I took my neice for her first mani/pedi. It was fun girl time. We also had lunch beforehand and then went for an ice cream treat with the boys afterward. Saturday night we went out to dinner and then met up with friends for some bowling. We love to bowl so it was a blast as always. We were beat after that so we came home and crashed.

Sunday was reserved for studying... allllllllll day. Boo. So.... I studied... alllllll day.

I had two exams this morning and they both went well... thank goodness! I was sweating one of them pretty badly, but it went waaaaay smoother than I had anticipated. So... just FOUR more to go before the week is over! Blah.

On that note... I am off to study! I may be MIA this week... sorry Charlies!