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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Let me start off by saying TODAY IS/WAS an AMAZING day! Praise Jesus. God is GOOOOD!


Oh sweet relief! This job is located in Oklahoma City... so we will have a long distance marriage thing going on for the next 7 months BUT it will be SO. WORTH. IT!!!! This is the job he wanted the most out of the 90459543857453 that he applied/interviewed for. It beats ANYTHING that is available in the Dallas area! WOOOO freakin HOOOOO! It's such a happy day in the Taylor household. I get him all to myself until March 2nd and then he will be up in Oooooklahoma! He will get to spend lots of time with his BF when they aren't working and poor Ashley will have to deal with their goofy butts ALL THE TIME. :o) So yeah... GREAT NEWS! We just got home from celebrating with a delicious dinner and celebratory beverage (mango margarita for me, miller lite for him) at Agave Azul.

I only had ONE class today so I was done by 9AM... it was glorious! I spent the day running errands with hubs. I am attending a baby shower in OK next Saturday so I got the stuff for that gift. It turned out UBER cute! Here it is:

I made her a diaper cake! I love making them! I buy a bunch of little stuff off the registry, a big ole pack of the diapers they register for, some ribbon and a few other "building" supplies and go to town! The top tier looks a little big in the pics because the "snugglebuddy" doesn't fit real snug around the tier because it's square, but she registered for it and I thought it was adorable and would make a perfect topper. I fastened it down with four little hair bows. Then there's travel size bath goodies all over it as well as teething rings. There's also some washcloths incorporated into the middle tier in place of a few diapers. I think it turned out so cute! I wish the pics turned out better, but that's as good as they are going to get.

We are also going to get to celebrate Ashley's bday with her while we are in Oklahoma for the baby shower! Yaaaayyyy!

Alright... I'm off to celebrate some more with the hubs.... and maybe some ice cream... dang Aunt Flo... always brings ice cream cravings to town with her. What a biotch.


  1. Congrats to him on the job!!!!

  2. yay for the new job!!! The diaper cake is soo adorable. Is that a hippo?!

  3. YAY!! Congratulations! How wonderful!! You mentioned earlier that you guys had Edmond in mind, but if Norman/Moore is also on your list there is a super cute neighborhood in South Moore, North Norman called Talavera and they have some very pretty homes! We looked at them back when we were considering moving back :) Just thought I'd pass that along!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! Ah, that is SO exciting! And my you are CREATIVE, what a cute diaper cake!! I'm so going to steal that idea for the next baby shower. :O)

  5. love the diaper cake and love you guys!