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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Maybe if I look at this EVERY SINGLE DAY I will continue to be motivated to hit the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! I've been going on and off for forever, and do really well in spurts, but I've got to get down to business! Pool season is creepin' up with a quickness! I had a pretty good work out today. I ran 2.2 miles. It's the first time I have really ran since I hurt my knee.... doing pretty good! Now I just need to KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!

Sooo... here's my motivation. I want to look more like these ladies... and I want these suits... ALL OF THEM! :o)



  1. Hahaha! The new Vicky's catalog was pretty good inspiration. Crap, I will never have abs like that!

  2. I wish I looked like those girls! That pink swimsuit on the bottom right is so cute!!

  3. marissa miller has THE BEST body ever

  4. I'm going in the opposite direction of these pics daily :)

    Baby makes no room for mommy in a bikini!! Atleast not looking like that?!?