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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

Today was a looong day of errand running with the hubs. Since hubs got the job we decided to go get him some new suits, shirts, ties, etc. Our first stop of the day was Jos A Bank. Wait... rewind... we MIGHT have stopped at Dunkin Donuts (I got out of class at 9 again today, woo hoo!) and I MIGHT have gotten a sprinkle donut... oops. OK now that I got that off of my chest.... we managed to get a SWEET and I mean AMAZING deal on three suits for the hubs. The sweetest lil old man helped us. He was so cute.

Then we went to the Galleria and hit just about every store imaginable. We also hit up TJ Maxx/Home Goods, Ross, and REI. Hubs got hooked up with all kinds of sweet new business attire (not sure he really NEEDS another freakin' tie... I swear they are taking over the closet... but he'll be lookin' HOTT! :o)

We also managed to get a bunch of cute decor stuff for the house (well, the hypothetical house that we will hopefully have within the next 8 months or so).

I got these:

They are Reef zebra print flops. Love them! and Reefs are sooooo comfy.

I saw this and am in LOVE... too bad I don't have the $200 to blow on a rain coat. I saw it at Johnston and Murphy of all places....

I also fell in love with this Jessica Simpson bag. I was on the hunt for a new big bag that I can use for travel when I don't quite need a suit case... I'll be doing A LOT of that now that hubs is going to be in OK. It, too, was a little pricier than I desired so I had to leave her there on the shelf.

Alright, there are a few other things (mainly shoes) that I am coveting after our outting today, but I'll have to save those. I am beat. Time to go sunggle with the hubs!

Good night, loves!


  1. That is a cute bag!!! You have been tagged!!!


  3. Very cute bag and I love that pink raincoat!!

  4. Are you telling me I can do something in the "Susie Homemaker" department that Emily Taylor can't do?! Am I hearing this right? Hahaha I'd love to teach you, it's a piece of cake and it's a good thing to know how to do!