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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends for a surprise birthday gathering. We ate at BJ's... always yummy, but I unfortunately ordered the wrong thing this time. I wasn't starving so I ordered soup (minestrone) and salad (caesar)... neither of which were too tasty. However, the spin and artichoke dip was delish and the Berry Burst Cider got me through the evening with a smile on my face. If you have never had the Berry Burst Cider at BJ's.... YOU MUST... get up... get in your car... and get your hiney to BJ's... it will be worth your time, promise.

We got up Saturday morning and cleaned the house and did laundry. When we were done with the cleaning frenzy we decided we would head to the gym. As we were getting ready to go to the gym I asked hubs what he thought about maybe going to Oklahoma for the weekend (he had actually mentioned it the night before but I had shot him down because I was having a subconcious freak out moment because I really wanted the house to be cleaned and the laundry to be done.. like NOW.... so going anywhere just didn't seem doable to my OCD mind). We decided that it sounded like a wonderful idea since it was going to be a long weekend for me (no school on Prez day.. yippee). We have a lot of exploring and researching to do as far as finding a location for me to open my practice and a place for us to live. SOO... we called hubs bestie and his fiance and told them we'd be headed that way in a few hours. We went to the gym, got in a quick workout, came home to get ready and pack up our stuff with a quickness and hit the road. On the way out of town we went ahead and stopped at Market Street and picked up enough steaks and lobster tails for the whole crew to have dinner on Sunday night (we put them in a cooler during the car ride... no worries). We got to Norman around 6 and Ashley asked me if I would like her to put some highlights in my hair while I was there. I said of course so we headed out to get the stuff she needed and to get some dinner. We had dinner at Bison Witches.... OH HOW I HAVE MISSED THAT PLACE! They have AMAZING potato soup in a bread bowl. Holy moly sweet goodness in my mouth. That alone was worth the trip to Oklahoma. We went home after that and Ashley did my hair while we watched House Bunny.

Sunday we lounged around for a good portion of the day. We ran a few errands and came back to the house to prepare for dinner with friends. It ended up being the Taylors (us), the Trimbles, and the Cains (two of our other sweet friends with the most adorable twin boys... and another little one on the way). The guys grilled the steak and lobster while I made salad, mushrooms (to top the steak) and mashed potatoes (from scratch). Dinner was DELICIOUS. After dinner the Cains put the twins to bed and all of us "grown ups" played board games. This is something we always do when we are together. It was a blast!!!!

Monday David and I got up and went up to Edmond to do some scouting for prospective neighborhoods and areas to practice. I found quite a few good leads in the way of practice locations and we found a home builder and a neighborhood we like quite a bit as well. We still have some research in store for us, but it's a start. I have a friend that has also been doing research for a practice location in Edmond (but for optometry) so I wanted to pick his brain a little about some of the places he had found so we managed to meet up with him and his wife (who is expecting and might be the cutest preggo person EVER) for lunch at Louie's on the Lake. It was a quick lunch, but he was very helpful and it was good to see him. We made it back to TX around 8:30 and were beat, so we just lounged for a while then hit the hay.

And, that was our weekend! It was a good one! Oh.. and we didn't take a single pic this weekend!! No fun... I know... sorry friends.

We are planning to spend a lot of weekends coming up in Oklahoma to continue our search and see the rest of our OK buddies in the process! So... OK buddies keep your phone lines open! We'll be giving you a buzz in the next few weeks! :o)


  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend. Very busy! What kind of practice are you looking to open? I'll have to go back to some of your older posts to see.

    Come visit me too & sign up for my Spring Fever giveaway!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you had am exciting weekend!

  3. WHY didn't we take any pics?! Next time we are taking like a million.

  4. wow what a weekend!!!