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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bad News Bears...

Well, hubs didn't get the job. Why? Well they didn't have a reason.
So... and this is probably because I am pissed and totally biased and think my hubby is awesome and should get any job out from under anyone.... I'm going to say what I think my reason is.
The girl that went up against him was a BOMBSHELL (I saw her when I picked hubby up at the airport last night). Everyone involved in the interview process... male. She's tall, thin, blonde perfect wavy hair, nice rack.... so there you go.
The reason I am going with this is because.... hubby has 2 years experience on her AND they couldn't give a reason on why they picked her over him (and to me that means that they don't really have a reason, because all they did was tell him how great he interviewed and then finished with.. BUT we gave the position to her). So I, in NO way... can see why he didn't get it.
Pissed. But everything happens for a reason. He has more interviews lined up already.
So keep those fingers crossed, prayers and good vibes flowing! We need them!
Hopefully something even better is going to come along.


  1. You are right - everything does happen for a reason! Good luck to him on future interviews!

  2. so sorry! but he probably doesn't want to work for a place like that, so better to find that out now!

  3. Awww..I'm sorry, Em! I know that the perfect job will come along for Davey Bird. I'll definitely be praying about it. Love and miss you!

  4. Sad day! I'm glad he has more opportunities though!