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Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting to know you (well ME really)

So since I'm still fairly new at this I figured I'd do a little getting to know me thing.... the 101 things about me... so here goes.

1. My initials are E.T.

2. or E.A.T if you wanna throw in the middle initial... either way... humorous.

3. I love PINK

4. I love getting my hair done.

5. I have been getting my hair colored/highlighted since the 7th grade.

6. I love SUMMER...

7. I would be happy if it was warm enough to go to the pool every.single.day.

8. I love to run.

9. but can't do it much anymore due to shin splints and a healing torn popliteus muscle in my right knee.

10. I love a good workout... like a drenched in sweat workout. I feel so good afterward.

11. My husband and I met when we were 15.

12. We've been together pretty much ever since... so going on 12 years.

13. We've been married for 4 1/2 years.

14. I will be a DOCTOR in less than 8 months!

15. Doctor of Chiropractic to be specific.

16. I have a cute little dog named Daisy.

17. I love her like a child.

18. I used to think I didn't want kids.

19. Now I do.

20. and sooner than later.

21. I am dying to say goodbye to apartment living and buy a home!
22. I'm addicted to chap stick... actually Burt's Bees Lip Balm.
23. and I've recently discovered Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm, which I am also becoming obsessed with.

24. I have very sensitve skin.

25. I think blogs with pictures are more fun to read.

26. Blogging is one of my 2009 resolutions.

27. I think it's one of the first resolutions I will ever keep.

28. I also want to start going to church consistenly.

29. and lose a few pounds... I won't put a number on it because that makes it harder to keep.

30. I'm a water snob... no tap water for this girl. I prefer spring water, Ozarka if it's available.

31. I love to cook.

32. I want to go to culinary school someday.

33. If I weren't going to be a doctor I would want to be an event coordinator or a chef.

34. I was a restaurant server/cocktail waitress/bartender for 5 years.

35. I have two older brothers.

36. I love living in Texas.

37. but miss Norman, Oklahoma.

38. Especially during football season.

39. I am a University of Oklahoma alumni... Boomer Sooner!

40. I love Bob Stoops.

41. and Sam Bradford.

42. I love playing RockBand!

43. but only if I can play the drums or sing because I suck at the guitar.

44. I LOVE Harney & Sons Hot Cinammon Sunset Tea... it's amazing.

45. I should be at the gym right now.

46. I would rather have friends over for drinks and board games than go out.

47. but I love getting dolled up and going out occassionally.

48. I have a little neice and I think she is precious.

49. I think my husband is one of the most admirable men I have ever met.

50. I could eat watermelon every day.

51. My dream car is a Range Rover Sport, pearl white, please.

52. I love being crafty.

53. I'm not big on going to movie theaters.

54. I think they stink.

55. But there's a lot of good movies out right now so I kind of want to go.

56. I cry at weddings... even if they are on TV and I don't know the people.

57. I love looking at pictures.

58. and having my picture taken.

59. but I usually ask that they be deleted because I think I look fat.

60. I go through an incredible amount of bobby pins quickly... I don't know what happens to them.

61. I love the Food Network.

62. and Bravo.

63. and ABC because it shows a lot of my faves.

64. Like Desperate Housewives

65. Grey's Anatomy

66. House

67. and The Bachelor

68. I think DVR is the greatest thing EVER!

69. I hate doing laundry.

70. especially whites.

71. I have the best girl friends ever!

72. I have known most of them since childhood.

73. I graduated high school in 2000... so that means 10 year reunion is creeping up... and that's weird.

74. I love reading.

75. Unless it's a text book... then I have reading induced narcolepsy.

76. I still get nervous driving in Dallas... and I've been doing it every day for 2 1/2 years.

77. Sonic ice is the best.

78. I've always wished I was shorter.

79. Baggy sweatpants are my favorite.

80. I love shoes.

81. I want a boat someday.

82. and a lake house.

83. I am going to miss a lot of my classmates dearly when I graduate.

84. I have never been snow skiing... but hope to go soon...

85. I think snow is really pretty... but cold weather gets old QUICK.

86. I want to spend Christmas in New York City some year.

87. Grand Cayman is the prettiest place I have ever been.

88. well Aruba is a close tie.

89. I love going on cruises... I have been on 4 in the past 4 years.

90. I love animals.

91. I can't stand to get flour/chalk/powder on my hands. It makes me gag/freak out.

92. I don't eat the ends of french fries.

93. I'm a little OCD... more obsessive compulsive personality than disorder.

94. I love buying office supplies.

95. Bic Four Color Pens are my fave during school.
96. Once I used them in my first notebook... I have to use them until I graduate so all my notes match... don't ask... I know I won't look at most of them again... but it makes me happy.

97. I'm not a fan of highlighters.

98. I don't ever buy magazines... but always read them while I stand in line at the store.

99. Damask is my favorite print.

100. I want to wear my wedding dress again... and might at home for Halloween some year.

101. I think this was harder than I anticipated.... hope you enjoyed!


  1. cute blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! from what you wrote, i think we are a lot alike :)

  2. Ummmm...are you my long lost twin? I agree with and do everything on this list! I had to call my husband over to read this post and he agrees that we aren't so different, you and I. Funny!

    Cut blog, too!

  3. That is a great thing to do for the start of your blog. There are some things on that list that are exactly like me - 30, 46/47, 68, and 86 are a few that really jump out!

    I found you from Newlywed Stilletos (I'm planning on getting her to introduce me maybe next week). I will add you to my 'following' list. :)

  4. I met my boyfriend when I was 15 too! Good to see someone out there is in my shoes just a couple years down the road :-) Your blog is adorable! Can't wait to read more!