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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Motor Mouth..errr....fingers???

For some reason I feel like I just don't have much to write about the past couple of days. So... this could end up being a big rambling mess.

School was completely cancelled yesterday due to copious amounts of ice on everything! YAY! It was yucky and oh so slick outside. Miss Daisy could barely keep her feet under her, poor thing. Getting her to go potty was a chore to say the least. I had to go out into the grass and stomp a big patch flat so it wouldn't be so prickly and she would willingly walk out on it and do her business. It was also FREEZING and Miss Daisy doesn't have much in the way of insulation (neither fat nor fur) so I put her sweater on her.... she hates me for it.... and when I take it off of her she goes nuts and rubs all over the couch and gets hair EVERYWHERE. Thank goodness hubs found this a while back! It was put to good use.

Speaking of Miss Daisy... I feel I haven't given her a proper introduction yet! Well... Miss Daisy is our pup (obviously). We got her just after we got married. She was actually my (belated) graduation gift from the hubs. There's a very sweet story to go with how he gave her to me.... I'll tell that in a minute. She turns 5 on March 31st. We've had her for a little over 4 1/2 years. She's a rat terrier and is such a good girl. We are just thrilled with her and love her to death.

So this is Miss Daisy! One of her all snuggled up in her bed with her bunny... and one of her with her "can we please go outside now" look on her face.

Now... on to the story of how hubs gave her to me.

One day hubs and I were at the mall and somehow I convinced hubs that we should go in the pet store. There are two reasons while this normally didn't happen... 1) we said we would never buy an animal from a pet store because there are just too many animals that need to be rescued 2) I generally leave establishments that have animals without homes crying because I feel so bad for them and think I need to take each and every one of them home. Well, I guess I was spot on with my charm this day because I saw little Daisy in her cage sitting there oh so cute and not making a sounds and I just HAD to play with her. I get one of the employees to take her out and let us in a little room so we could play with her. Well, hubs made another mistake at this point and stopped to look at something while I was in the room with the pup. By the time he got in there we had already bonded... he walks in and I say "HER NAME IS DAISY!!!! Don't you love her?!?!?! I do... let's keep her." Hubs proceeds to say "YOU CANNOT NAME HER! SHE ISN'T OURS! Once you give her a name you are already too attached." So we play for a bit and I am in love. Hubs tells me over and over that we can't get a dog right now and even if we could, we would rescue one. So we leave (me crying, of course). Fast forward to a few days later.... I am at work and hubs shows up. He says "Hey, I have a belated graduation gift for you in the car." and I say "Ummmm, OK... why did you come all the way here to tell me that and leave it in the car???" and he says..."Well, I wasn't sure I could bring..... her.... in.... I think you said her name is Daisy." So I flip out of course and run out to see her and he had already got her a sweet little pink collar and toys and everything! He's precious... and so is she! I'm a lucky girl.

Wow, this post is turning out to be a long one.

****I'm sorry if you are bored. But I think I still have some rambling left in me.******

I am very thrown off today. It feels like a Monday since we had a day and a half of school cancelled. I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday! That's a good thing, of course!

I am excited about this weekend! Saturday my sis in law and I are going to get together and make my neice's birthday cake. My sis in law started making her cakes on her second birthday (this is her fourth) and they turn out SO cute. I have helped a little the past two years and we have a blast! My neice's birthday party is on Sunday. It will be Tinkerbell themed. She's totally into Tinkerbell and Princesses right now. I think she is possibly one of the cutest people on Earth. The Tinkerbell birthday bash will slowly morph into Super Bowl extravaganza by kick off. I love football, beer, wings, birthday cake, my neice, my hubs, my bro, and my sis in law... so it's sounding like an all around FANTASTIC day and I am totally looking forward to it!!!!

Speaking of my neice.... since I'm doing introductions. I'll introduce her too! She turned 4 on Tuesday. She is so incredible smart and adorable. She calls me and the hubs Emmy and Uncle D. I think it's adorable. Her name's Addy. Here she is! This is her and Uncle D. They have on their matching Vans. She dressed herself this day. Those are some of her jammies and her tutu. She's just too cute for words.

Update on the hubs' job hunt.... he has had some interviews and has some more scheduled. There are some good leads. It's just going to be a process. We must be patient. Please keep us in your prayers! I know there is something perfect out there for him.

Okay... I think I'm done for now! :o)
Have a wonderful evening, ladies!!!


  1. Daisy is adorable and I love the story about you she came to live with you...too sweet!!

  2. Sending good thoughts your way on the husband's job hunt! Your Daisy is adorable, what a cute story!

  3. Daisy and Addy are both so darn cute!

  4. Awww I am glad I know the Daisy story now! She is the sweetest little girl! :)