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Monday, January 19, 2009

Prayers, good vibes, & crossed fingers

Today is a BIG DAY in the Taylor household. Hubs flew out to Cali this morning (he just got there as a matter of fact) for his THIRD and FINAL interview for a new job. We really really really hope he gets it! So... cross your fingers, say a prayer, send good vibes... that my hubs gets this job!

He and one other person are up for the position and they ended up next to eachother on the plane on the way there.... can we say AWKWARD?!?!?

They are supposed to pull the trigger and offer the position to their favorite by the end of the day Tuesday... so stay tuned! And keep the prayers, good vibes, and crossed fingers coming until then!

So yeah, this may be a 2 or 3 blog kind of day, because I am a nervous wreck!

P.S: I am starting to feel so official in the blogging world! I have FIVE followers (for some reason that makes me VERY happy) AND I was officially introduced today over at Newlywed Stilettos. So if you are a newbie and want to be introduced... that's the place to go! :o)


  1. I just found you via Newlywed Stilletos. Welcome to the blog world! Good luck to your hubby, I will keep my fingers crossed you get the answer you need!

  2. Good luck to your hubby! I am sure you're a nervous wreck!

    Welcome to the blog world. I also found you through NS :)

  3. Found you via Newleywed Stilettos. She introduced me last week! :) Pop over some time!

  4. Welcome! My husband is ALSO a SOONER And Interviewing for a job that we really, Really, REALLY hope he gets!

  5. Hi Em! I have had so much fun reading all about you tonight! We definitely have alot in common. I met my husband when I was 15, too! I used to live in Texas (I went to Baylor!) and I love Dallas. Pink is my favorite color and so many other similarities.

    I love your polyvore collage! Isn't that website so much fun??!!

    Okay...let's assign you a letter. How about "P"?? If that doesn't work, just pick any letter you like! :)

    Have a great week & I will pray for your husband's interview!! I hope he gets the job!

  6. Found you from Mrs Stilettos blog! I love yours - I'm def going to be following! I will pray that he gets the job!

  7. Came over from Mrs. Stilettos & you definitely have a new follower! You're way above 5 now. :)
    Hope everything will go well with your husband's job interviews!