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Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've been tagged by Ashley to be honest. Here's how it goes:

#1. You have to chose a minimum of 7 fabulous blogs to pass this goodie onto.#2. Post the fabulous blogs of your choice as a link on your blog.AND #3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.
So.. here goes. There may be some repeats from my 101 things about me, but we'll see what I can come up with.
1. I am a sweet-aholic. It's a problem I am attempting to eliminate, but let me tell ya... NOT EASY! Instead of having a sweet treat after meals, I'm trying to have some fruit or some fruity gum or something. It works SOMETIMES... but other times the ice cream or cookie goodness is just too poweful.
2. I got lice when I was in the elementary school. One of the girls I ran around with apparently wasn't so clean. Myself and a few other girlfriends had a sleepover one night and used her brush...and what do you know... all of us had lice the next week. GROSS and embarassing, but hey, I'm just being honest! My mom and I were mortified... luckily we got rid of mine with a quickness. Homegirl that gave it to me... well she's another story.
3. I cry every time I drop the hubs off at the airport. It never fails! Doesn't matter if he's only leaving for a day. I can usually make it back in to the car and start my way out of the airport before the waterworks start so he doesn't think I'm a complete disaster! I don't know what it is... I just hate goodbyes I guess.
4. I am STUBBORN... like WILL NOT ask for help on most things. I will struggle until I figure it out on my own. I'm getting better about this because I have wasted A LOT of time on things trying to figure them out on my own when someone could have helped me out and made it so much easier. I cause myself a lot more stress this way as well.
5. I am NOT... I repeat... NOT a morning person. I just cannot be nice until I have gotten up and around. I usually don't say a word until I am out of the shower. My mom used to bring me breakfast into my bedroom every morning when I still lived at home so I would eat in there and not piss the rest of the family off... or spread my grumpiness. Hubs pretty much just leaves me be until I talk to him first or until I get out of the shower.
6. I am notorious for saying I am only going to have a couple beers/drinks and then the next thing I know I am on the tipsy train headed straight for drunkville. And then I say I'll never drink again... and hold true to that........until the next weekend or happy hour invite.
7. I love to play flip cup... and I'm good. So much that one of my friends randomly gifted me a "Flip Cup Champ" hat. Sad, but true... and if you are wondering... yes I wear it sometimes! but only when playing flip cup.... duh. :o)
8. Driving in Dallas makes me very nervous. I constantly fear that I am going to get into an accident. Semi trucks freak me out the most. or cement trucks... I just know that a huge chunk of cement is going to come flying off and break my windshield. A little spazmatic? Yes.
9. I am a reality TV junkie. If it weren't for DVR... this probably wouldn't be so. But.. when you can record them all and watch them later commercial free it's really kind of irresistable. The Bachelor, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Rock of Love, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, American Idol..... gosh, you name it, I've probably been hooked on it.
10. I am a spaz about my grades. I try so hard not to care so much because I know no one is ever going to see my transcript and my grades really aren't going to change whether or not I am going to be good at what I do.... BUT If I think I am going to get below a "B" I freak a little. So... thus far this nonsense has left me with a squeaky clean transcript of all A's and B's. Not bragging, I promise. I really wish I didn't care as much. A "C" wouldn't hurt me and I know that... but I just can't get over it for some reason.
Alright, so there's my honesty. Phew! Done and done! :o)
I'm not real sure who all reads my blog just yet.... and I'm not sure who all has already done this, but I'll tag anyway!

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Now let's hear some honesty, ladies!

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