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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random thoughts...

If you have pets...
You need this doo dad!
Hubs found this wondermous instrument at Wally World last night and it worked miracles on our furniture. I usually vacuum the couches and lamp shades THEN use one of those tape lint rollers to get all the Daisy hair off. This thing did the trick in one try! The only design flaw... it doesn't open so you can empty the hair out. However, it was only like $4.00 so after a few uses it can be replaced. But yes... it's a new fave find for sure! Gets the job done!
So, moving on. Classes started back up yesterday.. boo. However, this is my last academic trimester EVER!!!! 4 months of classes and I am doneskies! I will still have one more clinical trimester after that, but being out of the classroom will be AMAZING!
One of my and Hubs fave things to do on the weekends... well Sundays really... is to go look at houses. We particularly enjoy model homes because they tend to be really well decorated and we get some fab ideas that way. Well, we went last Sunday and found some houses that we LOVE and will be in our price range when I graduate or get close to graduating... and we will be able to build one! This makes me so incredibly excited. Now... I just need to get the heck outta school and get my practice rolling! Oh yeah.. my point in this whole thought was that we took some pics of our fave features and things. I am yet to upload those images, but stay tuned! Those should be in my next post.
Well, I'm off to class, then to run errands, then more class, then the gym.
Toodles until next time!

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