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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I was bitten by the Twilight bug (as were about 85% of the people that I know) and I just finished up the fourth one (Breaking Dawn) last night. I was tearing through those books at a pace of about one a day until the holidays came around and I was interrupted about half way through the last one. Well, I got right back on it as soon as holiday madness was over and was able to finish up.

I think My favorite was Twilight (the first book) and then I REALLY liked the first half of Breaking Dawn... and the second half of Eclipse....okay... I liked them all! New Moon was my least fave, but who am I kidding? I still loved it! Might be re reading them soon. Those books just have an incredible way of sucking you in. A reality check is usually required when I get up from reading.

Kind of late, but speaking of the holidays, I was uber crafty this holiday season. Here's some of my goods! :o) I'm not gonna lie, I am pretty impressed with my homemaking skills latetly.

These are the t-shirts I made for everyone in the fam. We always play games and go bowling so I thought "Team" t-shirts would be appropriate. Everyone loved them! I think they are presh!
These are the gift tags I made (thanks to the handy dandy tutorial over at thesticklerfamily.blogspot.com.
They say "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a GIFT!!!"
And last, but not least...
Drumroll please.....
my proudest accomplishment yet... and they only took me like FOUR HOURS..... :o)
The sweetest little reindeer pops ever! I got this idea over at bakerella.blogspot.com.
She uses cake balls... I used my oreo ball/truffle recipe.
They turned out sooo much better than I thought they would!
They definitely stole the show! :o)

I also made a lasagna from scratch yesterday for dinner that turned out fab. This is what happens when I have time off from school. I turn into Martha Stewart/Betty Crocker/Susie Homemaker Junior. I still have this whole week off... who knows what I'll whip up! ;o)

Until next time.

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